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Basically I like to have a go at new things, especially in the visual arts area. I love my job teaching but not the paperwork side of things. I firmly believe children need to be given time to do things well and not rush from one thing to another. STOP I say...give a person time to do something properly!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Capitolo 30: Tante grazie

Una sorpresa fantastica! Grazie a Davide e gli studenti del Campo Tures a nomi del grado 5/6Coote/Paton per le lettere ed i contenuti del pacco che abbiamo ricevuto ieri. Gli studenti del Campo Tures "rock"
By the way if you want your own copy of Azzurro you can download one copy for free from:
It is a freebie from the publishers. We also have a copy of this one in the classroom thanks to our friends in Campo Tures.


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