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Basically I like to have a go at new things, especially in the visual arts area. I love my job teaching but not the paperwork side of things. I firmly believe children need to be given time to do things well and not rush from one thing to another. STOP I say...give a person time to do something properly!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Capitolo 34: Guerra di trincea

In questi ultimi giorni gli studenti hanno fatto trincee. Hanno usato una vasta gamma dei materiali. Ecco otto esempi. Il capitolo piĆ¹ terribile e sanguinoso della prima guerra modiale fu rappresentato proprio dalla guerra di trincea. Le truppe al fronte si trovavano a convivere continuamente con lo spettro della morte. Migliaia di uomini al freddo, alle intemperie, vittime delle malattie e dei cecchini, che persero la vita per conquistare pochi metri, poi regolarmente persi.

In the last few days the students made their own trenches. They used a variety of materials. Here are eight examples. The most terrible and bloody chapter of the first world war was played out in the trenches. The troops on the front lines found themselves continually faced with death. Thousands of men, victims of the cold, bad weather, disease and the sniper lost their lives for the sake of a few metres.


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